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United Kingdom: what future for the monarchy?

What will happen to the British monarchy after Elizabeth II? For the journalist Matthieu Boisseau in a duplex from London, the British crown should resist the post-Elizabeth II.

United Kingdom: what future for the monarchy?
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Elizabeth II is still there and continues to rule the United Kingdom from her Windsor Castle. But his public appearances are becoming increasingly rare. Despite everything, the base of the royal family, in my opinion, is strong enough for the crown to resist the death of the sovereign, and this even if Prince Charles is much less popular than his mother. According to a poll conducted in early May, 60% of Britons say they favor maintaining the monarchy against 27% more in favor of abolishing it.

Opposition to the corona is mounting in former British colonies.

Even if the rise of independence or nationalist camps, in Scotland or Northern Ireland, for example, weakens the unity of the United Kingdom, the real question lies in the future of the British monarchy in the other Commonwealth countries. Where the Queen is still head of state, some opposition is rising in these former British colonies across the planet. Recently the island of Barbados severed ties with the British monarchy, an example that other countries may well follow.

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