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Top 8 messengers for gamers

Top 8 messengers for gamers
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Most Popular Discord

Discord is an instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for community building.

    Gaming applications for communication have their own set of features not available in regular messengers. For example, no one needs a game chat application without audio chat if the world hates voices. And don’t forget about integration with streaming platforms. So what messengers should you try if you like to play?

    The article contains screenshots of mobile versions of messengers, but almost all are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and the web.


    A relatively new application that can go not only to gamers. The band is similar to Discord in many ways. You need to invite friends to the created group to use the program entirely.

    There is a built-in calendar for scheduling joint gaming sessions, voice calls, and many different features for creating memes and video clips.

    Try Band


    A synonym for a gaming messenger with clients for all popular platforms. Discord is so prevalent in the gaming community that it makes little sense to talk about it.

    Communication takes place on servers (don’t be afraid, these are just groups), which you can create as many as you like and customize to suit your tasks. There are video and audio chats with built-in integration with streaming sites. You can log in using accounts from the playgrounds, and therefore your subscribers will see what you are playing right now.

    Try Discord

    Messengers for Gamers


    The application is based on Matrix, a project that allows anyone to create their own decentralized messenger, which can be highly relevant in the current situation.

    Because of this, Element combines gaming and security features simultaneously. All correspondence is encrypted, including audio and video chats. Otherwise, there are all the necessary things here: servers where you can invite classmates and chat with them.

    Again, for Element to work, you will have to raise a real server yourself, which is not so difficult, although it will take some time.

    Try Element


    Also a relatively new application that is designed specifically for gamers. Its main competitor is Discord, so it has almost all the same features: custom servers, voice and video chats, streaming support, and much more. They even have their bots.

    Try Guilded


    A bit of an odd app. Mumla is a client for Mumble. And if nothing is clear, then this is even the norm.

    Mumble is a chat service for advanced users that allows you to raise voice (VoIP) communications quickly. And Mumla, respectively, is a client that works with this service.

    There are many public servers here that you can join (or create your own). There are not so many chips here, but this is a great way to make voice chats.

    Try Mumble


    One of the best messengers for fans of mobile games. Pinch shows what you and your friends are playing. Communication is built around voice chats, but it is possible to chat or create a video chat.

    Try Pinch


    It may seem strange to some that the presence of Skype in this article, but older adults remember precisely how this application was used for video and audio chats, even in the gaming community.

    You can still create chats with support for audio and video calls, file sending, and many other valuable things. Unfortunately, in terms of the game, nothing is interesting here.

    Try Skype

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