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Top 5 Sound Amplifiers for Windows

Top 5 Sound Amplifiers for Windows
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In current models of PCs and laptops, the sound quality is different from the earlier ones. It got worse. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved with a Sound Booster. This is a program that can improve the sound quality of your device.

I have selected five of the best softens that you can use for free – choose the one that suits you.

Equalizer APO

This is an equalizer that allows you to fine-tune the sound on your PC. For example, you can play around with parameters such as pitch, treble, bass, boost, etc.

The program consists of two panels – Tools and Analysis. The first allows you to add various tools (filters, graphic equalizer, and much more), and the second is needed to view things such as amplitude, delay, channel, resolution, etc.

Try Equalizer APO


A great solution to improve the sound quality of your computer. In it, you will find a bunch of parameters with which you can change the sound – make it more voluminous, add bass or treble, increase the intensity, etc.

The program will allow you to enjoy a more prosperous and more precise sound when watching movies and listening to music. It is straightforward to use, so it is suitable even for beginners.

Try FxSound

VLC Media Player

An excellent media player that, among other things, allows you to customize the sound.

Also, in the Audio Effects section, three subsections (Equalizer, Compression, Surround Sound) can be helpful when setting up the sound.

Try VLC Media Player


If you want to enjoy good sound quality while listening to music or online radio, watching movies, or playing games on a PC, this program is for you. It also allows you to increase the volume above the standard capabilities of your equipment.


Try Viper4Windows


An easy-to-use media player that supports a bunch of formats. Also, its capabilities can be easily expanded through various skins and plugins. And on top of that, it allows you to amplify your sound with the Equalizer and Autoamp options.

Try XMPlay

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