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Top 22 Prototyping Tools for UI/UX Designers

Top 22 Prototyping Tools for UI/UX Designers
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Today, many tools help with website development. And prototyping tools are one of them. They facilitate and speed up the process of creating web interfaces. This article will focus on just them.

Sketch (Mac)

Suitable for quick and easy creation of interfaces. One of the main features is creating adaptive elements for the site, such as buttons, widgets, and even complex navigation mechanisms.

Another helpful option is to export the created design to code quickly.

Sketch (Mac)

Zeplin (Mac, Windows)

Convenient for site layout. Not suitable for creating designs from scratch. But it allows you to import finished projects through the installed plugin.

You can also export your work to CSS or XML.

Try Zeplin (Mac, Windows)

(There is a free version, but it is only suitable for creating one project. Prices for paid plans start at $17 per month)

Figma (Mac, Windows)

Almost new to the market for such tools, the interface is somewhat similar to Sketch.

The main feature is that it allows you to work together on a project and comment on it in real-time. You can gather several specialists (designers, developers, product team, etc.) in one place at once.

Try Figma (Mac, Windows)

Framer X (Mac, Windows)

A multifunctional tool that allows you to draw anything from logos and icons to detailed illustrations.

Edit, create responsive and interactive elements and export it all to CSS and SVG.

Try Framer X (Mac, Windows)

(There is a free version, but it is only suitable for creating one project. Prices for paid plans start at $20 per month)

Mockplus iDoc (Mac, Windows)

Allows designers and engineers to collaborate on a project. With it, you can easily make interactive and animated prototypes. You can add your work from Sketch, XD and PS. Generate specifications, assets, and even pieces of code and share them with colleagues.

You can also show tasks and the entire design workflow in a full-screen storyboard. Leave real-time comments directly on designs.

Try Mockplus iDoc (Mac, Windows)

MockFlow (Mac, Windows)

An online tool that allows you to create website layouts easily. Suitable for collaboration.

Try MockFlow (Mac, Windows)

(In the free version, you can create no more than one layout. To create an unlimited number of designs, there is a plan for $14/mo. There is also a plan for teams – from $29/mo).

Balsamiq (Mac, Windows)

A graphical editor is sound when creating user interfaces, websites, desktop, and mobile applications.

An extensive catalog of elements can be easily edited to fit the desired parameters.

Try Balsamiq (Mac, Windows)

Webflow (Mac, Windows)

Suitable for quickly creating sites without knowing the code. The interface is similar to Photoshop. Google fonts, cms, regulation, storage, and design code export will be available.

I must say that Webflow is not suitable for creating complex dynamic sites, only for static sites.

Try Webflow (Mac, Windows)

(There is a free version, but with a limit on the number of projects – no more than two. Prices for paid plans start at $16 per month)

Flinto (Mac, Windows)

It was sharpened to create interactive prototypes for mobile, desktop, and applications. Supports full integration with Sketch.

Try Flinto (Mac, Windows)

(There are two paid plans – Flinto Software for $99 and Flinto Lite with a free trial for $20 per month)

Framer (Mac)

To work with this tool, you will need the ability to code in the CoffeeScript language. However, even without such a skill, you can master the program. There’s a pretty easy learning curve here.

You can create a design from scratch or start a project from Sketch.

Try Framer (Mac)

(There is a free trial. The pro version will cost $15/month, and the annual license will cost $159)

RapidUI (Mac, Windows)

Converts a Photoshop file into a full-fledged website interface (no coding skills required). Just drag and drop the PSD file into the program window, and in a few minutes, you will have an HTML and CSS file.

You can make almost any element of the site interactive in a couple of clicks – sliders, videos, maps, buttons, and much more.

If you are still friends with the code, the tool allows you to work with it.

Try RapidUI (Mac, Windows)

Tumult Hype 3 (Mac)

If you have ever worked with keyframes in After Effects and tried to create animation, you will understand here. The cool thing is that all animations created in Hype are automatically converted to HTML5.

Suitable for those who do not know how to code but want to create web content that works equally well on different devices.

Try Tumult Hype 3 (Mac)

UI/UX Designers

Principle (Mac)

Allows you to create an interactive web interface in no time and generate its prototype.

Try Principle (Mac)

AdobeXD (Mac, Windows)

Yes, this is a new tool from the creators of famous photo editors. With it, you can create interactive web interfaces, animations, prototypes, wireframes, and more and then quickly send your work to anyone.

Try AdobeXD (Mac, Windows)

Origami Studio (Mac)

Facebook development is designed for web designers. Suitable for quick and easy prototyping.

Try Origami Studio (Mac)

Invision (Mac, Windows)

Allows you to create an interface (and its prototypes) for websites and mobile applications, immediately test it and share it with developers or colleagues.

Supports integration with Sketch and the ability to collaborate with an instant display of all changes made by someone to the project.

Try Invision (Mac, Windows)

Axure RP (Mac, Windows)

A reasonably well-known name in the field of UX design. And it’s one of the complete prototyping tools out there. Suitable for creating very simple prototypes, as well as very complex ones.

You can add interactions to your prototypes, use a particular Master widget that can be edited once and applied to multiple pages, take ready-made elements from libraries, etc.

Try Axure RP (Mac, Windows) (Mac, Windows)

A compelling solution with a lot of features. Suitable for those who want to create prototypes with complex micro-interactions without unnecessary troubles.

Try (Mac, Windows)

Atomic (Mac, Windows)

Suitable for complex designs. At the same time, you can develop a plan entirely from scratch on the platform or import a finished blank.

The interface of Atomic is similar to Sketch, which fans of this vector graphics editor will love.

Try Atomic (Mac, Windows)

(There is a free version for creating one project. Prices for paid plans start at $19 per month)

UXPin (Mac, Windows)

An excellent tool for web designers to efficiently work with paper sketches, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, etc.

The cool thing is that you can create projects here and check how this or that element works in them.

Try UXPin (Mac, Windows)

ProtoPie (Mac, Windows)

A relatively new and easy-to-learn solution that allows you to create prototypes with complex micro-interactions. Able to synchronize with Photoshop and Sketch. It also allows you to test prototypes for performance immediately.

Try ProtoPie (Mac, Windows)

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