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TogetherShare TS DataWiper for Windows – Free Lifetime License

TogetherShare TS DataWiper for Windows – Free Lifetime License
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TogetherShare TS DataWiper can be used with computers, USB flash drives, memory cards, cameras, portable disks, HDDs, SSD, etc. It is a simple and secure software to delete data from various storage devices easily and safely. After data is deleted, data deleted by TogetherShare DataWiper is lost forever and cannot be recovered by any data recovery software.


  • Delete files – permanently delete files and folders
  • Erase hard drive – permanently delete all data on the hard drive by wiping
  • Wipe free space – wipe free space to permanently delete already deleted/lost data without affecting existing data
  • Disk tool – format, rename and repair hard drive or external device

How to get a license key for TS DataWiper for Windows?

Follow these steps to get a free license key for TogetherShare TS DataWiper v2.1:

1. Download the program from the link below;

Download TogetherShare TS DataWiper for Windows

TogetherShare TS DataWiper

2. After installation, click on “Activation” to register the software to the full version. Use the below TS DataWiper for Windows license code:

License Code

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