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This election could decide Johnson’s fate

Regional elections are underway across much of the UK. The result could be a turning point for Boris Johnson's career. Conservative local politicians distance themselves from the prime minister.

This election could decide Johnson’s fate
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In the first primary vote since the “Partygate” scandal, scores of people in the UK voted to reorganize their local parliaments. The election of thousands of local and district councils in England, Scotland, and Wales is considered a necessary mood test for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The latter has been criticized for months over the scandal surrounding lockdown celebrations at the seat of government. His Tory party has also been plagued by other allegations, including sexism and corruption.

Because of his involvement in the affair, the prime minister himself is increasingly seen as a burden for his conservative party. In many places, candidates distanced themselves from Johnson and demonstratively stood up as “local conservatives,” The Guardian newspaper reported. In the northeast English town of Hartlepool, the Tories have issued leaflets asking voters not to punish them for the government’s mistakes. “We come from here and are proud of where we live,” it said.

Party colleagues wanted to wait and see the regional election

The Tories are expected to take heavy losses. This is considered possible in the London district of Wandsworth or the coastal city of Southampton. But whether Johnson has to worry about his chances of re-election at the next national election will depend primarily on how the Tories compare to the election results of the past few years.

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