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Review of iTop VPN, which is optimized for streaming

Review of iTop VPN, which is optimized for streaming
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Secure Your Internet With Fast & Free VPN

    Not all VPN services (even paid ones) can provide a high-quality connection for online cinemas, games, or torrents. Therefore, if you need something more than the usual unlocking of resources, you will have to look for a suitable service, for example, as in this article.

    iTop VPN is available on all major operating systems, except for a Linux system. Yes, and on routers and TVs, it is not available. On the other hand, the developers promise high connection security, access to geo-restricted resources, and support for torrents, streaming, and other entertainment.

    Installation and First Start

    The service has its client, so no trouble setting up OpenVPN or the system will be required. True, for some, this may be a minus.

    You can try and use iTop VPN for free. The free plan has 16 servers and 700 MB of traffic per day; there is also a speed limit.

    On the first launch, a widget will appear on the desktop showing the current status of the VPN connection. As well as the main iTop VPN window, where you can see information about your IP, select the connection server and protocol (TCP, UDP, HTTPS).

    When you click on the Connect button, naturally, a connection is made with the selected parameters. In general, you require nothing more, and you can go about your network business.

    By settings

    Or you can still go to the application settings. There are many exciting things there.

    In the All servers section, you can choose to connect to one of the iTop VPN servers. For almost every country, there are several servers to choose from.

    iTop VPN

    For each server, information about the quality of the connection to it and the load is displayed. You can choose the one that is less loaded at the moment.

    And if you scroll down the page, you can find servers tailored for specific tasks. For example, there are P2P servers, streaming and game servers, servers for accessing porn resources, and servers for working with instant messengers and social networks.

    You can find valuable things in the Tools section, some of which I would not recommend using. There are all sorts of improvers and antiviruses, but there are also practical things, such as IP management, tunneling, ad blocking, and Kill Switch.

    Mobile Versions of The Application

    Unfortunately, at this writing, the Android app has been removed from Google Play. And the developer did not bother to post the APK on his website.


    At this writing, the cheapest plan is $2.08 per month when billed for a year. If billed monthly, the cost is $11.99.

    The conclusions, unfortunately, will be disappointing. For review, I tried connecting to the default-free server.

    After that, even ordinary pages stopped loading for me, not to mention watching videos. Perhaps this is not the case on a paid tariff, and everything is fine.

    Try iTop VPN

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