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Outline VPN – Free VPN Servers with Unlimited Data

Outline VPN – Free VPN Servers with Unlimited Data
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Access many free VPN servers from 18 countries using the Outline VPN app for Windows, macOS, Linux computers, Android mobile devices, iPhone, and iPad.

Outline VPN is a VPN project that offers both server and client solutions. The VPN protocol uses the open-source protocol Shadowsocks, which provides access to the open Internet, while traditional VPNs can be blocked.

You can create your own VPN service using the Outline project. However, the Outline community also offers access to numerous free servers from 18 countries.

Servers are available in such countries as the USA, England, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Italy, Poland, India, Russia, Turkey, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

Outline VPN – Free VPN with Unlimited Data

To use Outline VPN and connect to a free server located in one of the 15 countries of the world, follow these steps:

  • Download and install the Outline VPN client application (client) for your chosen platform:

Download Outline VPN for Windows

Download Outline VPN for macOS Download Outline VPN for Linux Download Outline VPN for Chrome OS Download Outline VPN for Android (Google Play) Download Outline VPN for Android (APK) Download Outline VPN for iOS

  • Go to the Outline – Servers community page.
  • Select the server country you need; on the next page, click on Access key XXXX, and in the next window, copy the server access code.
  • Open the Outline VPN app and click the + icon to add a new server.
  • Add the copied code in the Add Access Key window and click the Add Server button.

  • Now you can connect to the added server.

You can add as many servers as you want on your Windows, macOS, Linux computer and Android, iPhone, or iPad mobile device.

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