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Offshore Jersey announced the freezing of “possible assets of Abramovich” for $ 7 billion

Offshore Jersey announced the freezing of “possible assets of Abramovich” for $ 7 billion
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The assets are either located in Jersey or owned by companies registered there. Abramovich’s net worth is estimated at $14 billion.

The government of the island of Jersey (the UK crown dependency) has announced that the Royal Court has ordered a freeze on $7 billion in assets allegedly linked to Russian businessman Roman Abramovich.

The report says they are located in Jersey or owned by companies registered offshore. The decision to freeze was made on April 12.

Forbes estimates Abramovich’s fortune at $14.5 billion; according to Bloomberg, it is $13.9 billion. Thus, if the frozen assets belong to the businessman, almost half of his fortune has been blocked.

RBC sent a request to Abramovich’s representative.

Also, on Wednesday, The Guardian, citing the French Ministry of Finance and Economy, reported that the authorities seized 33 properties belonging to Russian “oligarchs” who fell under sanctions. A source in the department noted that out of 33 objects, about ten belong to Abramovich.

Roman Abramovich

According to him, the total value of the frozen assets is more than € 25 billion. Among them are superyachts, helicopters, and houses, including the villa Château de la Croë on Cape d’Antibes near Cannes, which, according to the source, belongs to Abramovich. It has eight bedrooms, a 15-meter rooftop pool, a gym, and a cinema.

Abramovich owns the Millhouse investment company; he also has stakes in the Evraz steel company and the Azbuka Vkusa supermarket chain. The UK imposed sanctions against Abramovich on March 10; they imply the blocking of all assets and a ban on entry into the country. In addition, Abramovich fell under the sanctions of the EU and Canada.

After that, The Wall Street Journal, citing sources, reported that American hedge funds with Abramovich’s investments received demands to freeze his assets from the British authorities. “Now the accounts attributed to Roman Abramovich are blocked for transactions, so any distributions, redemptions or payments cannot be made, and subscriptions or contributions cannot be accepted,” the administrator of one such fund SS&C GlobeOp reported.

In addition, the Daily Star and Mail Online tabloids have learned that Abramovich is unable to pay the rent on the land on which his Kensington mansion stands due to an asset freeze. The annual rent costs the billionaire about £10,000.

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