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Irish government warns Johnson against breaking Brexit deal

Ireland's Foreign Minister Simon Coveney accuses the British government of "saber-rattling and sensationalism" and warns against undermining the EU's Brexit agreement with Northern Ireland.

Irish government warns Johnson against breaking Brexit deal
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The Irish government warns of an escalation in the dispute over Northern Ireland’s Brexit status. Ireland’s Foreign Minister Simon Coveney accused the British government of “saber-rattling and grandstanding.”

The British had previously threatened to undermine the Northern Ireland Protocol. According to the protocol, controls at the borders of Northern Ireland ( Great Britain ) and Ireland (EU member) should be avoided to prevent conflicts between supporters and opponents of Irish unity. However, a customs border has been created between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. Therefore, the British government and the Protestant Unionist party DUP fear alienation from London.

However, Brussels strictly refuses to change the protocol. If the British circumvent the protocol, the European Union will see this as a breach of international law and threaten consequences.

The dispute over the protocol is currently causing political paralysis in Northern Ireland. In protest against the Brexit rules for Northern Ireland agreed with the EU, the most important party on the Protestant Unionist side, the DUP, is refusing to work in the parliament of the British part of the country. On Friday, the DUP refused to elect a speaker of parliament. The Protestant party also does not want to join a unity government with the Catholic-Republican Sinn Féin until the dispute has been resolved.

Great Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson wanted to travel to the troubled former province on Monday to talk with various parties. According to the PA news agency, government circles said he would call on the politicians there to overcome the blockade. The PA further reported that it was never his intention to get rid of the protocol; he only advocates reforms but reserves the right to take unilateral steps.

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