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How to quickly switch the power mode on the computer

Windows 10 has several power modes that help you optimize your computer. Let's say it's better to turn on the high performance mode during the game

How to quickly switch the power mode on the computer
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But for everyday use, the energy-saving mode is more suitable. The problem is that Windows 10 does not allow you to switch modes directly from the tray.

Switch Power Scheme allows you to do this in just a couple of clicks. This is a portable program with 32- and 64-bit exe files included. You can open it directly from the system tray. Just right-click on the program icon to see all the power modes and select the one you need. In addition to the standard methods that are in Windows, you can use your own, which you can create right in this program.

The program interface is intuitive. Each mode has a description. And above is the control buttons in the form of plugs.

To add a new mode, click on the plus button. This is a shortcut for the Power Options applet. Use it to create a power mode and customize it. As you may have guessed, the minus button is used to delete ways. And to activate any of the methods, just double-click on it with the mouse.

Important! The program can remove some modes without asking. Therefore, before creating or changing anything, be sure to backup your settings.

Switch Power Scheme

To do this, right-click on the power mode and select Export. You will be prompted to run the program with administrator rights. Do this and return to the “Export” item. Next, choose a location to save. To restore a protected mode, click the File menu and select Import Power Plan. Also, there is a button to reset all your power modes in the menu, do not press it accidentally.

There are several valuable things in the context menu of the program. For example, you can rename a mode and create a desktop shortcut for quick access. You can see a list of your methods by clicking on the Tools menu and selecting Power Plans List.

Other plug buttons (starting with the fourth one) provide access to hardware settings, modes, and power settings.

Switch Power Scheme is a free and easy solution for those who want to switch between power modes on their PC quickly.

Try Switch Power Scheme

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