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How to find a fragment in a YouTube video by words

How to find a fragment in a YouTube video by words
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Have you ever had an urgent need to find an exciting moment in a video on YouTube? I’ll show you how you can easily do it in this post.

Finding a fragment in a specific video

The usual search option in the browser + closed captions will help you find the right place in the YouTube video.

Many videos on YouTube have subtitles added by the author or generated automatically. We will use these subtitles to find the fragment of interest.

  • Open the desired video.
  • Under the player, click More (three horizontal dots).
  • Next, click Show video text. Subtitles will appear with timecodes.
  • Now press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F (for Windows) or Cmd + F (for Mac) to open the browser search option. Type the word from the fragment you want to find in the input field. The system will highlight this word in the transcript.
  • Click on the highlighted area to jump to the part of the video you are looking for.

Search for a fragment in several videos at once

  • Go to the YouGlish website.
  • Select your country.
  • Type the desired word (or whole phrase) in the search bar and click the Say it button.
  • The found video will start playing from the desired moment. If there are more fragments with similar words in the video, they will be marked yellow on the scroll bar.
  • To move to the following video, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + right arrow (for Windows) or Cmd + right hand (for Mac).

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