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How to buy an Apple, PlayStation and other cards with crypto?

One of the easiest ways to pay for purchases in foreign services is to buy gift cards and prepaid cards. Of course, this option will not work for all stores.

How to buy an Apple, PlayStation and other cards with crypto?
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You can quickly pay for Apple services, buy a game on PlayStation or Xbox, pay for Spotify, and order something on Amazon without difficulty using such cards. True, there is a minor pitfall: as a rule, your account’s country must match the government of the prepaid card. It is easy to fix this by changing the region or registering a new account in the correct area.

How to buy a payment card

I will talk about a more legitimate analogue – Bitrefill. You can buy a gift and prepaid recharge cards for almost any service and store where such cards exist on this site.

  • You should visit the site with a VPN connection to the country’s server, for which you need a gift card. Then on the main page, you will see a list of all cards with the ability to view by category (or you can use the search).
  • After selecting a card, you will be taken to a page with its description. Here, for example, is the PSN card purchase page.
  • For many cards, you can choose the amount of balance on them. In my case, there are options from $10 to $100.
  • Nearby, you can select the coin you want to pay for the card. By default, prices are in Satoshi, but you can choose from a dozen popular cryptocurrencies.
  • The coolness of Bitrefill is that the cards (we are talking about PSN) are sold at no extra charge. A PSN card with a balance of $50 is worth $50.
  • The buying process itself is not much different from buying in any store. Add your card to your shopping cart and simply proceed to checkout.
  • Here you need to specify the email address where the information about the order will be delivered and agree to the terms of the store.
  • Then choose a payment method. BTC, Lightning, ETH, Binance Pay, Tether ERC20 and TRC20, LTC, DOGE and DASH.
  • And it remains only to make payment according to the specified details.
  • After payment, you immediately receive the codes of paid cards.

For me and many, this payment option will be ideal. You are not required to look for ways to create a working Visa or Mastercard, which can be very helpful.


For example, my PlayStation account is located in the US, and the only way to top it up is with a Moon card. But it is not very convenient to replenish it, and replenishment occurs through Bitcoin, which means it is tough to guess the rate and commission.

Immediately, I choose a card of the region I need and pay in any crypto-method convenient for me without any extra charges.

Try Bitrefill

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