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England and Denmark introduce extra corona rules due to Omicron variant

England and Denmark introduce extra corona rules due to Omicron variant
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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced stricter measures for England on Wednesday evening to slow the spread of the omikron variant of the coronavirus. A few hours earlier, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen had a similar message for her country.

The British are again requested to work from home as much as possible. The mask obligation will also be expanded, and a corona pass is now required to visit nightclubs and locations with many people.

Johnson emphasizes that the omikron variant is on the rise. As of Wednesday, 437 omi crashes had been reported in the UK, 131 cases more than the day before. The actual number of infections with the variant is probably higher.

The British Prime Minister had previously sworn to the English that they would get through the winter without a fourth corona lockdown, but he did keep a so-called plan B in reserve. Some of the measures from plan B have already been introduced, such as making face masks mandatory again in public transport and shops.

Johnson hopes to gain time to boost quickly

The new measures are “proportionate and responsible,” Johnson said. They are also intended to “buy time” so that more people can get a booster from a corona vaccine. The extra dose is now only administered to people over forty and at-risk groups. In England, almost 81 percent of the population from twelve has been fully vaccinated, and nearly 37 percent have received a booster shot.

Omikron Variant

According to Johnson, omi crashes double every two to three days. The actual number of infections may be significantly higher. The UK health authorities likely consider omikron to become the dominant variant, possibly as early as two to four weeks.

The omikron variant has been diagnosed in nearly fifteen hundred people from 55 countries. The United Kingdom leads the list on Wednesday with 437 cases, an increase of 131 from a day earlier.

Denmark also intervenes because of the omikron variant

In addition to England, Denmark is also introducing new corona measures to slow down the advance of the omikron variant in particular. Danish Prime Minister Frederiksen announced that catering establishments such as restaurants and pubs would close at midnight from Friday.

In addition, Danish primary schools will also be closed from December 15. The Danes themselves are urged to work from home and avoid social gatherings as much as possible. The country can still “keep large parts of society going, thanks to the vaccines,” Frederiksen said.

Denmark dropped almost all corona measures at the end of August because the coronavirus was no longer a threat to society. However, the government warned that steps would be taken if the virus resurfaced.

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