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Driver Techie Pro – Free License for 6 Months

Driver Techie Pro – Free License for 6 Months
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Get a free Driver Techie Pro license for Windows for six months. The program checks for updates to all your hardware drivers and updates them to the latest versions.

Driver Techie Pro is a handy program that allows you to update all your drivers to the latest versions in a couple of clicks. Keeping your drivers updated to the latest versions can help resolve system and hardware malfunctions, fix bugs and compatibility issues; new driver versions may include enhancements and optimizations that will positively affect the stability of your computer or laptop. Driver Techie’s database contains thousands of drivers and is constantly updated.

In addition to updating drivers, Driver Techie Pro includes the ability to back up already installed drivers. This can be useful if you are reinstalling your operating system, have lost your original driver disk, or have rare components installed for which it isn’t easy to find the correct driver version.

Driver Techie Pro provides a preliminary system restore point to update drivers before making changes safely. You can enable the option to automatically create a restore point in the program settings and roll back the changes in case of problems with the new driver.

Free Driver Techie Pro License

In order to get a free Driver Techie Pro license for six months, follow these steps:

1. Go to the promotion page and click the DOWNLOAD DRIVER TECHIE PRO NOW button.

2. Sign up for a new Sharewareonsale account by selecting I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn! (or use an existing account or social networks).

3. After registration, you will receive a personal activation code ( License ).

Driver Techie Pro

4. Download and install the program on your computer.

Download Driver Techie Pro

5. Run the program, click the Get Pro button, enter your license key and click the Activate button.

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