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Download Intel Arc Graphics Driver DCH

Graphics driver Intel Arc Graphics Driver is specially adapted to the new line of gaming graphics cards Intel Arc Alchemist designed for users of desktop computers and laptops.

Download Intel Arc Graphics Driver DCH
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The Intel Arc Graphics Driver is configured by a control panel called Arc Control, which provides access to all graphics settings, game profiles, power consumption, performance, and temperature monitoring of Intel Arc Alchemist gaming graphics cards.

Intel Arc Alchemist graphics cards will appear on store shelves in the summer of 2022. They will begin to provide customers with their technologies for the comfortable passage of computer games with a high level of performance.

Intel Arc Graphics Driver

Graphics adapters Intel Arc Alchemist will get ray tracing support in real-time, comply with the current specification of DirectX 12 Ultimate specification, receive anti-aliasing technology using a neural network, and compete tightly with NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.

Improvements and Changes in Intel Arc Graphics Driver DCH

– Intel Game On Driver support for Redout 2, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on Intel Arc A series GPU.

Known issues:

  • In Far Cry 6 (DX12), water surface textures may be distorted during the game.
  • In Destiny 2 (DX11), texture distortions on some stone surfaces may occur during gameplay.
  • Naraka: Bladepoint (DX11) may cause the application to crash or stop responding in learning mode.

Country of the developer: USA

Manufacturer: Intel Corporation

Interface language: English

Right of use: Free

Operating Systems: Windows 11 and Windows 10

Version: DCH

Size: 678 MB

  • Download the Intel Arc Alchemist video card management driver on a laptop or computer:

Intel Arc Graphics Driver DCH (Windows 11, 10 64-bit, simple installer)

Intel Arc Graphics Driver DCH (Windows 11, 10 64-bit, zip archive)

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