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Doctors called an early sign of a brain tumor

Daily Express: Blurred vision may indicate brain cancer

Doctors called an early sign of a brain tumor
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Blurred vision and clouding in the eyes may signify a brain tumor, writes the British Daily Express, citing the medical organization The Brain Tumor Charity.

Changes in vision with a brain tumor manifest in blurred vision and blurred vision. For example, patients complain that it has become difficult to watch TV or read,” the material says.

People diagnosed with the disease also reported a reduced field of vision. In other words, they became less able to navigate in space and more likely to stumble upon objects.

The specialists explained that due to tumor growth, there is increased pressure on the optic nerve and swelling of the optic nerve head. All this leads to poor vision.

Brain Tumor

Other common symptoms of a brain tumor include headaches, constant nausea, drowsiness, and loss of concentration. A tumor in the temporal lobe can contribute to hearing impairment, and memory impairment, affecting the ability to learn, recognize objects or faces, and determine human emotions.

Doctors warned that timely diagnosis plays a vital role because the earlier a tumor is detected, the easier it is to treat.

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