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Cartoonize PRO – Cartoon Yourself – Lifetime Free License

Cartoonize PRO – Cartoon Yourself – Lifetime Free License
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Along with enhancing the photos you take with your Android or iOS devices; you can use photo editing software to help your turn an image into a cartoon. Cartoonize is a beautiful cartoon character creation tool that can help you create your cartoon characters from your pictures. It can cartoonize itself and make a cartoon portrait quickly in an AI-smart way. You will enjoy this photo editing not only for the ability to generate humorous images but also for the significant cartoon effects. Inexperienced photo editors can use this tool because it works great for making funny pictures to upload on social networks without much effort.

Key Features:

  • Cartoonize is a super easy-to-use cartoon app that turns your photo into cartoons.
  • It can instantly help you make incredible cartoon portraits of a hand-drawn quality.
  • You can even choose different cartoon results and add a cartoon background by yourself.
  • It comes with an effect library, including several effects you can use to turn a photo into a cartoon.

How to Get The Cartoonize License Key for Free?

1. Download PhotoAI for Mobile here: Android or iOS

2. Open the app and long-press the “Subscription” button in “Option” for 3+ seconds, and entering the code will activate the account.


3. Enjoy it for a lifetime free!

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