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Britons agree to extradite tech entrepreneur Lynch to US

Britons agree to extradite tech entrepreneur Lynch to US
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The United Kingdom agrees to extradite tech entrepreneur Mike Lynch to the United States. Lynch is suspected of providing false information about the value of his data company Autonomy before selling the company to Hewlett-Packard.

The US has been pushing for his extradition because the country wants to prosecute him for accounting fraud. Last summer, a judge in London ruled that Lynch could be transferred to the US.

Just because the British government has agreed to extradition does not mean that Lynch will be put on the plane anytime soon. He can still appeal. Lynch himself turned himself into British police in early 2020, after a warrant for his arrest was issued.

Hardware and software company Hewlett Packard took over British Autonomy from founder Lynch in August 2011 for approximately $11 billion (almost 9.9 billion euros). However, in the fall of 2012, a write-off of nearly $9 billion had to be made on the purchased part. According to the American group, Autonomy had tampered with the books to appear as an attractive takeover prey. More than $5 billion of the write-off is related to accounting fraud.

Hewlett Packard, which split into two separate companies in 2015, sued for $5 billion in damages. Justice in the US has charged Lynch with fraud and criminal conspiracy.

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