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BootRacer Premium – Lifetime Free License

BootRacer Premium – Lifetime Free License
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Get a free BootRacer Premium license. The tool is designed to measure the boot speed of the OS and programs that are in autorun and optimize Windows services and remove startup threats.

BootRacer is a program from the developers of UnHackMe that allows you to find out how long it takes for your operating system and programs to load from startup.

The tool is integrated into the system and loaded at an early stage of the boot, tracking all phases of the system boot. You can check the boot speed of the operating system and startup programs and conclude the state of your system.

BootRacer Premium additionally offers an automatic change of the final screen, the Ultimate Service Optimizer tool for optimizing Windows services, and the ability to remove startup viruses (startup threats).

Free BootRacer Premium License

To get a free BootRacer Premium license, follow these steps:

1. Download and install the program on your computer:

BootRacer Premium

2. Activate BootRacer Premium in Premium > Register > Register with the following license code:

Offer Terms

  • This is a lifetime license for one (1) computer for home (personal) use.
  • It is not eligible to be upgraded to future versions (promotion version 8.85 only).
  • It is not covered by free technical support.

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