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Ascomp Cleaning Suite Professional – 6 Month Free License

Ascomp Cleaning Suite Professional – 6 Month Free License
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If the system boots up more and more slowly and the hard drive gets fuller, then it is high time for a thorough system cleaning! But which data can be deleted without risk, which is still needed for the smooth system and program flow? Cleaning Suite answers!

A total of six helpers analyze your system and enable deep cleaning operations. For example, you can delete temporary files, clear browser histories, caches, and cookies from all popular Internet browsers, and prevent installed applications and tools from starting automatically at system startup.

Cleaning Suite can also optimize the Windows Registry in a targeted manner. The Windows software proceeds very carefully to ensure unrestricted use of your computer even after the cleaning process. On top of that, Cleaning Suite provides advanced features for the Windows Recycle Bin.

A restore center provides the ability to undo specific actions of the software at any time. The detailed journal also includes information about the entire cleaning history.

Get Giveaway!

  • Go to the PROMOTION page
  • Enter your name, Email address, and license key, then click on the “Send” button to get login information from ASCOMP. Use one of the following licenses key:

  • You will receive login information for the reseller area, where you can download any registered full versions in your mailbox—login ASCOMP account with your Customer ID and Password.
  • Download ASCOMP Cleaning Suite Professional and enjoy it for free!

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