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AceBIT Password Depot 15 – Lifetime Free License

AceBIT Password Depot 15 – Lifetime Free License
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Get a free license AceBIT Password Depot 15 is a powerful and convenient password manager that will help you organize all your passwords and, for example, credit card information or software licenses.

AceBIT Password Depot securely protects your passwords and documents from unauthorized access whether you work from home or in a large corporation. On your Windows, Android, iOS, or macOS device.

Critical Features of AceBIT Password Depot

  • Remember only one password. You will only need to remember one password you use to open Password Depot.
    Maximum security of your passwords. Based on the highest security standard of AES double encryption (Rijndael 256), your passwords are optimally protected from external access.
  • Create strong passwords. You can use an intelligent password generator to generate strong passwords with just one click.
  • Automatic completion of your data. Your access data will be entered automatically in your browser. But not only that: automatically enter any data that you would typically type manually using the keyboard.
  • Access to your data from various devices. Do you work on a Windows computer or iMac during the day but would like to use your iOS or Android smartphone in the evening? With Password Depot, you can access the same passwords from multiple devices.
  • Certified security. With Password Depot, your data is safe. This was confirmed by SySS GmbH security experts led by Sebastian Schreiber and Matthias Dieg during extensive security and penetration testing in April 2021.
  • All sensitive data in one place. In addition to passwords, you can store in Password Depot, for example, software licenses, documents, TANs, and credit card details.

AceBIT Password Depot 15 Free License

To obtain a free AceBIT Password Depot 15 license, do the following:

Download and Installation

  • Download the AceBIT Password Depot installation file for Windows and install the program on your computer:

Password Depot for Windows

Password Depot for Android Password Depot for iOS Password Depot for MacOS Password Depot Enterprise Server

AceBIT Password Depot 15

License Activation

  • Go to menu Help > About Password Depot.
  • Click the “Unlock” button and enter the following license:

  • After that, check the activation of the lifetime license in the Help > About Password Depot menu.

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