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8 Apps to Create a Movie Catalog

8 Apps to Create a Movie Catalog
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In this article, I want to talk about how to create and maintain your movie collection on a computer. All applications are free and help you flexibly catalog and import a list of movies from a file.


One of the best apps in this category. There are versions for Windows, macOS, and even mobile phones. You can add the title, genre, year, synopsis, poster, actors, directors, and much more to information about the film.

It is possible to import information from popular online services and auto-update it. You can also import offline databases in XML, CSV, and other formats. Similarly, Filmotech data can be exported to specified formats. Thanks to built-in support for PHP and MySQL, you can even create your online catalog.

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Ant Movie Catalog

This application gives you complete control over your movie database. You can add title, localized title, director, producer, screenwriter, actors, country, link, description, poster, rating, and other helpful information.

There is support for custom fields and imports from third-party services: MS Access Database, CSV / Excel, DVD Profiler (XML Report), etc. A database export to HTML, CSV, Excel, SQL, and XML. As well as synchronization with online databases, like IMDb, Amazon, and Youtube.

Statistics are also available for the catalog: how many films are in the database, average duration, total duration, distribution of actors, date of viewing, and so on.

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Personal Video Database

As the name suggests, this application is designed to maintain a personal movie database. In addition to the standard fields, you can add a slogan, commentary, video file, and more to the movie. There is also support for series and TV shows.

Movies can be added to the Watched and Want to watch sections. Various statistics are also provided, such as the number of entries, release schedules, etc.

There is a search in online catalogs for quickly adding information to the database. You can edit movie data in bulk. The database can be exported to CSV, HTML, etc.

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MeD’s Movie Manager

Application for fans of open source. I will not describe the fields added to the film; there is all the necessary information here. There are imports from text files, tables, CSV, and XML.

A built-in report generator can be used to build various statistics on the movie database. Data can be updated from IMDb or exported to HTML, TXT, CSV, Excel, and XML.

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A handy application for maintaining movie databases, which has an Android version. You can import information from IMDb and TheMovieDb.

Of the exciting features, it is worth highlighting the ability to display the top of the best films according to IMDb, support for a personal rating, uploading the database to Dropbox, various statistics, and backup. You can import and export Excel files.

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If you are looking for the easiest way to maintain a movie database, you should pay attention to this application. There is a manual and automatic way to add IMDb and TheMovieDb.

Various parameters can filter the catalog: purchased films, rented films, wishlist, watched movies, etc. There is an export to HTML, CSV, and TXT.


Movie Catalog


This is an online service with a social component. You can create your selection of films or view selections from other Letterboxd users. A movie can be easily added using the search, which will suggest the desired title and fill in all the necessary information.

You can add movies to your wishlist, add reviews, and more.

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Data Crow

A simple and convenient application for creating and maintaining your movie catalog. It is possible to import information from IMDB, Amazon FreedB, and other popular online resources. You can also add video files of various formats. You can maintain a catalog of borrowed films.

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