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6 Bulk Video Resizer Apps

6 Bulk Video Resizer Apps
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For owners of many video files with different resolutions, bringing them to the same size may be a problem. In this case, utilities for mass editing video files may come in handy.

XMedia Recode

A free utility that can work without installation. Usually, XMedia Recode is used for mass conversion of videos, but with its help, you can easily resize them. In addition, you can perform other manipulations, for example: flip the video, speed up, rotate, smudge, and much more.

Try XMedia Recode


Not the easiest way for most because all actions in this utility must be performed through the command line. A wide variety of video processing types are supported, including resizing for multiple files at once.

Try FFmpeg


With this utility, you can not only bulk resize videos but also convert video and audio files to various formats.

Try ShanaEncoder

AV Video Converter

This utility is completely free for non-commercial use. And for commercial purposes, you will have to buy a license. As the name suggests, AV Video Converter is for converting videos, but you can easily resize them.

Try AV Video Converter


Also accessible for non-commercial use utility. This is a video converter that can resize and add various effects, such as rotation, reflection, watermarks, and more.

Video Resizer

Try Prism

Video to Video converter

Free utility that does not require installation. In addition to resizing, you can change the frame rate, the format, the audio codec, and much more.

Try Video to Video converter

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