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5 Ways to Create a Scoreboard

5 Ways to Create a Scoreboard
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This article will discuss several applications and services that will help you create a scoreboard for scoring sports games.

SportFX Studio

A cross-platform and free application that helps to create various sports graphics. This also includes the scoreboard. In SportFX Studio, you can find many ready-made templates for popular sports, including mascots, logos, etc.

The scoreboard can be published for live viewing or shared on social networks.

Try SportFX Studio

Eguasoft Sport Scoreboards

The main advantage of this application is the ability to directly connect to a projector or LED/LCD panel to display the results. Unfortunately, the scoreboard set is limited to 10 sports. One of which is Other, which allows you to make your scoreboard. And the second is the security board.

And to view the scoreboard in full-screen mode, you will need to pay a license.

Try Eguasoft Sport Scoreboards


And this is a free online service for creating various scoreboards with the ability to update from any device with a browser and access the network. You can develop scoreboards, leaderboards, counters, and more.

The finished scoreboard can be published as a widget and customized with a logo, colors, goals, etc. It is possible to import to CSV and add comments.

Try KeepTheScore


Score Count

Another online service (this time as simple as possible). You can create scoreboards with real-time updates and custom scoring.

You can share the scoreboard using the link.

Try Score Count


An extension for the Chrome browser that will help in creating scoreboards. Everything is fast and straightforward – right from the browser.

Try Scoreboard (Install)

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